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YOU are a Micro Business if you have 1-5 team members...
how do YOU tell YOUR story to the world?

You, like a lot of micro businesses, are faced with needing to compete for your audiences’ attention with Fortune 500 companies... specifically visually because movies, magazines, TV & the internet have all been teaching those we offer our services / products to, what to expect when it comes to visual communications. Yet you are faced with the sobering reality that you are part of the Fortune 5,000,000 and just don’t have the same size of resources to compete.

For years, we’ve served Micro Business clients like you… by offering 1-to-1 consulting, design, development and fulfillment services the way many “creative houses” do… by turning on the hourly meter, rolling up our sleeves and getting to work! However, we’ve seen the need for our approach to helping Micro Businesses compete in the economic climate we find ourselves amidst… on an ever tightening budget… and believed that there had to be a better way to work smarter… not harder (by working more hours and thus a higher cost to our clients!)

Enter the project we're excited to have just launched...

Imagine a hybrid consulting / design / interactive environment… where participants can have foundational branding work done (storytelling is what we call it) … AND THEN… be educated on how you can stretch their limited resources further with the huge variety of storytelling options (media channels) available to you today!

Not only that… you will have 24/7/365 access to the global team that helped you build your branding story… AND a community of others… who like yourself… are pushing into greatness by investing in the concept of group collaboration… via the world’s first Micro Business Incubator!

A Quick History of the Event that “Pushed Up” the Launch...

On February 18th, 2009 via a post on Facebook (thanks Steve Hart) we discovered Brian Campbell (follow him at: http://twitter.com/socialmania) and his Social Media Mania event to take place in less than 12 hours from when we discovered it!! Internally, we had to decide if we’d take up Brian’s challenge… to offer something of great value… and join the Social Media Explosion happening right before our eyes! I’m here to tell you… Brian… we said “YES”… here is what we came up with:

One lucky person was selected to enter the world’s first Micro Business Incubator upon its launch at www.MicroBizIncubator.com – and all participant benefits were granted… FREE!   

UPDATE: @GreigWells was the lucky winner and a GREAT GUY... please follow him on Twitter to hear all about his experiences... “on the inside.”  This was an over $4,500 value... design services, consulting on his unique company needs, education on a wide range of topics that challenge Micro Businesses today!

ALSO… we didn’t stop there… after hearing Brian’s heart… we agreed to offer to everyone that participated in the Social Media Mania… a “Make-Us-Prove-It” FREE PERSONALIZED CONSULTING PACKAGE… that included a detailed Q&A, then 30+ minute Live Phone Consultation, then a FREE PERSONALIZED REPORT that detailed our findings, insights, and potential marketing ideas that those who took advantage of this amazing event could  immediately use to connect with their target audiences! This “twist-our-arm” gift that Brian got us to offer...  is valued at over $350 (all components combined!!)

The Bad News... and the GREAT News...

If you didn’t find us when this special was going... you missed out (that's the bad news)... on the FREE part. However, we’ve had such an overwhelming response... we’ve figured out a way to be wwaaayyyyy more than fair to you.

You see... we’re going to offer our “Make-Us-Prove-It” Personalized Consulting ... AND a FREE Application and “confirm your place in line” access to the MicroBizIncubator when the next space opens (VERY limited access is opened up each month... We’re talking 2-4 space MAX!!)...valued at over $350... for only $49.95 ...


You read that right... we will put the only resource that EVERYONE has the same amount of... OUR TIME... on the line to PROVE the quality of our ability to help YOU tell YOUR UNIQUE story to the world (that’s the GREAT part!)

Yes... Errin & Andrew... You 2 are CRAZY... (and I’m thankful for it!)... I’m going to take you up on the $19.95 special right now... by clicking below:
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PS - We hugely believe in the power of people connecting… and LOVE the dynamic that Social Media has added to storytelling options it offers you and your audience.

Take action NOW… CLICK HERE to sign up for your “Make-Us-Prove-It” PERSONALIZED CONSULTING PACKAGE… and confirm your place for the next opening to join the MicroBizIncubator as a participant!!